Charcoal Tawa chicken

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Cut chicken in approximately 1 Inch pieces and marinade with a mix of Onions paste, tomatoes, Ginger paste and fine diced Garlic about 15-20 cloves with salt. Keep… Read More »


Mini Chicken Kababs in Barbeque sauce

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This is a new version of the typical recipe. Here it goes: Take about 500 gm boneless chicken and cut it in about 1 inch sized cubes …. Read More »


The art of Event Planning

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Clearly as the name suggests, this is something which needs lot of planning and is not something which is every persons cup of Tea. Extensive research, experimenting everyday… Read More »


Mint Chicken

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Making the right Mint chicken is always a challenge due to the mint factor. Little extra mint could make the chicken taste bitter and little less could defeat… Read More »


Chicken Keema Patties

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Whenever we have party, get-together or celebrations, we always look forward to the starters. I have observed that the starters decide the opinion of your guests about your… Read More »


Wet Coconut Karanji – Maharashtrian Style

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Karanji is made primarily during festivals like Ganesh Jayanti, Holi and Diwali in Maharashtra. Its one of the main sweets served and is made with utmost care and… Read More »


Simple Cabbage (Pattta Gobi ki Sabzi)

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We will see a simple Cabbage (patta Gobi) today which can be made quickly, is good for health and has lot of fibers which help check the fat… Read More »


CSK Chicken – IPL Finale

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This is the last of the IPL Recipe- CSK Chicken suggested by Mrs. Smita Kulkarni. Take the entire chicken and apply slashes to all pieces. Marinade the same… Read More »


Mumbai Indian’s Alu wadi – Uttpal’s Kitchen

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Mix the jaggery and tamarind pulp in a bowl. Keep aside. Wash the leaves and clean the leaves with moist cloth. Mix all the ingredients together except oil… Read More »


KKR Gulab Jamuns- IPL Cricket Special

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For Syrup: Take a Large pan. Dissolve the sugar in 1 1/2 cups of water and bring to a boil. Simmer over low flame till the syrup is… Read More »