Bhandardara - A Couples retreat.

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A holiday resort village, just 185 kms from Mumbai is ideal for any romantic couple who want to get away from the hustle bustle of the city and enjoy a cozy weekend. Located in Ahmednagar district in the western ghats and near to Nasik City, this becomes an ideal spot in the winters.
As per the mythology, Agasti Rishi prayed here for a year with only water and pleased the Gods. God blessed him with a stream of the holy Ganges river which came to be known as Pravara River on whose banks is Bhandardara of today’s located. The Wilson Dam and the Arthur lake are other attractions nearby.This apart from Mount Kalsubai, Ratnagad, Harishchandragad and Randha falls which attract tourists in the monsoons.
MTDC resort is the best option from where you get a beautiful view, can go boating, have decent food and also walk to the nearest villages where they make food for you on prior orders… rustic style.

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5 thoughts on “Bhandardara - A Couples retreat.”

  1. Bhandardara is such a beautiful place” I hope they don’t screw it up. The beauty of the place is in its untouched landscape.

  2. Nice clicks Uttpal, Bhandardhara is what I have heard a lot about. We are frequent travelers and wish we can catch up with this place soon

  3. wow, such beautiful photos. Never heard of the place till my sister announced yesterday she is going and will stay at Anandvan.
    I think I must go too next time
    Superb captures.

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