I will start a Post here wih a Recipe I love to make and I am sure people across globe like this Indian non-veg preparation.


Take 500 gms of Boneless chicken if you are fond of Boneless or 1 kg of normal pre-cut chicken (Medium pieces).

Boil chicken and paste of Ginger-Garlic ( 3 tablespooon) in water. Keep stock separately after it.

In a Frying pan on medium heat put Oil and Ghee together in same proportion. Add khada garam masala and Onions 6-7 finely cut and fry till golden brown. Add 2 tomatoes( finely chopped) in the pan. Add Red chilli powder, Kasuri methi, Turmeric powder, Garam Masala powder and SKP masala ( substitue by chicken masala if SKP not available). Add ginger garlic paste 1 table spoon, 2 table spoon Butter and 2 table spoon Tomato sause to the pan after the mixture gets mixed well. Add chicken stock to this mixture as per the thickness you want. Add more stock if you want more of Gravy and less if you want a dry dish. Boil well and keep aside.

Make melon seeds, Cashew and khus khus paste separately and add to the gravy. Mix well. keep on a low flame and add Salt and sugar as per taste.

Roast chicken pieces slightly in a Tandoor or oven a little till the outer layer only becomes semi-hard. Once the pieces edges burn slightly, remove and keep separately.

Shred and add to the mixture and cook for 10 mins on medium flame and another 5 mins on low flame..

Your Butter chicken is ready.

For Charcoal chicken, same recipe as above. Replace the following:

No Tomatos and Tomato sause.

Kasuri methi to be doubled.

Green chilli (finely grinded) instead of red chilli.

Once your chicken is ready, Keep a small empty bowl on top of the chicken. Keep a burned charcoal in the empty bowl and cover the entire Pan with a tight lid. Keep it till you serve ( about 3 mins)

Remove the lid and serve hot..