Cupid games

I recollect just the last year when on Valentines we had decided to spend time together and decided to go to a water park. We were about 4 couples and the best of friends. We decided on a water park because the winter sets out by valentines and temperature is just right to stay in the water for hours. So we went in from before noon and had some really good morning snack which included Fried cheese slices and tacos stuffed with some delicious fillings. We strolled around hand in hand, whispering small little non-sensical things to each other and smiling away to glory excited by the thought of being together with each other even after so many years of marriage. We looked at each other and knew that we loved each other more with growing years and more maturity and stability had come in our relationship over the years. We realized we are a blessed, happy couple and joined other friends for Lunch soon.

Over Lunch we all discussed about how we had met as couples and how we all had become friends. A lot of old memories were brought back, plenty of nostalgia and also came along some dare devil thing which we had done when younger for our partner.

Suddenly our ladies were hit with this crazy idea which froze all of us. They decided that each of the male would do a crazy and insane thing which he had never done before and the wife had to say what she wished her husband to do for this task. If the man was man enough and loved his wife, he would do it and propose to her again while fulfilling her wish. If not, he would back out and treat all others for drinks and dinner. Treating was not an issue, but not keeping the wife’s wish would bring a lot of embarrassment to the husbands. So the ladies gave tasks individually to their husbands and as luck would have had it, I was caught at the weakest place on the earth. My wife knew my fear of dropping in water from heights and she cleverly used this situation to get my fear out. She said I would have to drop from the Demon drop slide which was 80 feet high slide, dropping in water and moving about 20 feet before surfacing up. Sure death, I would say, but then it was love and I had to propose her again in the wildest fashion so I bought time till evening and moved away. I went quickly to the Manager of the theme park and told him briefly what I was supposed to do and asked some help from him. He was a good soul and readily agreed. At about 4 in the evening, the manager announced on the mike near the Demon drop slide that some oldies were planning to propose their respective wives again by doing some dare devil stunts. I was the first one to do so. A crowd of about 400 spectators cheered and I sprinted up to the beginning of the slide. Looking down from that height I had a heart pounding so heavily that suddenly I could hear my own heartbeats and the back of my ears were red hot.

Fear gripped me for a full minute, but I looked down at my wife with that expectant smile and confidence that I would do it. What my wife saw next was me sliding down with what seemed like a big pillow under my head. I was hurled at a great speed down the ride. The timing was important. I clutched the white bag under my head and opened it at the right time just before hitting the waters. I swiftly pulled out the white bag and threw it in my wife’s direction, holding back the cloth in my hands. The bag opened with thousands of fresh red rose petals showering on her at the same time. I saw the gleam in her eyes before going underwater. When I surfaced up I had water in my eyes, and nose and gasped for breath. I have a severe phobia for dropping in water from heights. I managed to overcome it and rushed to her. In my other hand was a diamond ring which I had purchased the previous evening to gift it to her for valentines.. And what a way to gift that beautiful ring to her. I knelt in the shallow waters and proposed to her… again… after 15 years. She was blushing the same way as she had blushed 15 years back and we sealed the happiest day in my life.

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