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Life is busy for a person like me who carries work to home and ensures that deadlines are met. I run a small market research company where we do all kinds of odd market research projects right from automobiles to FMCG to Electronics. We always have short deadlines and often end up submitting a project in the wee hours of the morning. My experience tells me from the nature of my work that I always need Gadgets which are fast and smooth to use and sleek and light in weight. With so much of running from the Hub to the call center to the client office and offshore sites too, it becomes difficult to work on a Desktop and later copy the data in a stick or upload it on an FTP to be used from some other machine at some other place. The upload and download time also slows down the work.

With all these limitations I am always on the lookout for new gadgets which will be of help at work and at home. I have some basics in mind and abide by that. Firstly, I need a gadget which is cheap. Reason? Well,  we all want to save money if we can. I don’t recollect investing in expensive gadgets as I am a rough user and tend to lose or damage the gadgets which I buy sooner than later. Secondly, they should be sleek and compact to handle. I have never been a fan of bulky gadgets and hated to carry heavy notebooks even during my school days. Thirdly, and most importantly, my gadgets should be at par with the speed with which this world is moving. I can’t cope up with the normal processor.

I think to fulfill all my needs is a big challenge and ASUS has come out with two such wonderful gadgets which have not just impressed me, but have made me think seriously of buying them for my office and personal use.

The first is the ASUS Eee Book X205 TA powered by the Intel Atom processor and weighing just 1 kilogram. Priced at Rs.14,999/- only this compact and lightweight machine has Microsoft office 365 included with a 1 year subscription. What amazed me more was its battery life which goes on for the whole day and could give a complete 12 hour browsing or a 13 hour music playing or a 11 hour video playing. It’s loaded with windows 8.1 and has a neat 29.4 cm screen with an HD glare. It has Intel  gen7 graphics and has a 2GB DDR3 1600 with a 32 GB EMMC. It comes in 4 colors Dark Blue, Red, Gold and white. It has a quad core processor for a smoother multi-tasking performances and a massive 36% larger touchpad for easy keying in.

The other one is the ASUS All In One PC ET2040 which has an Intel Pentium processor J2900 and loaded with windows 8.1 BNG 64 bit. It has an on board 2 GB memory/ 500GB SATA Hard drive. It has a 19.5 inch HD display with Intel HD graphics. It has an ultra fast USB 3.0 with smart charging. What impressed me were the two best features this machine had. One was the innovative gesture control which allows browsing the internet from up to five meters away from your computer. We can play songs or videos, zoom or rotate photos without actually touching the screen, keyboard or the mouse.  The other and the most important was the built-in back up power which keep on working up to one hour after a power failure, which in turn not only helps complete our pending work but also save it safely.

Overall, my lifestyle demands that I have both the gadgets at my disposal. What about you?

Uttpal K

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