I got a better car with Quikr NXT

After shifting to Bangalore I had done away with most of my stuff from Mumbai and bought new ones for my residence here. I had settled well in Bangalore and was working hard to get a better lifestyle. My promotion was due and I knew that sooner or later I would move into a company provided house close to where I was living.

The day came when the promotion list was announced and I was promoted as the General Manager of the unit with a neat pay hike and perks along with some additional facilities. I was overjoyed in the beginning, but later realized that one of the facility was actually a pain. I was sanctioned an amount for an SUV and it was with 0% interest. Only a fool would refuse such an offer. But taking the offer also meant that I had to get rid of my most beloved small car which was with me for the last 4 years.  There were reasons I did not want to sell it. One I was fond of my car and wanted it to go into the right hands, though I was selling it and two I did not know if I would get the right price for it as we all know that second hand items don’t fetch much.

Like always Quikr came to my rescue again with an added feature Quikr NXT for this wonderful experience of selling which I had in order to buy a new car for myself.

I immediately  set out for looking for a dealer for buying my SUV and again Quikr NXT.

This post has been written for a new Happy Hour on INDIBLOGGER for us, courtesy Quikr NXT.

Uttpal K

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