Love bloomed all over again..

It was a regular Sunday and I was waiting for my girlfriend to message me. We generally used to meet on weekends after I moved to Mumbai. Since she was in Bangalore I used to fly down to meet her on weekends and Monday morning I used to get back to work in Mumbai. This had been a steady practice for the last 7 months after I had moved to Mumbai.

Even today I had reached Bangalore on time and was waiting at the airport. Normally she used to pick me up her car and we used to spend the day together. I sent her a message and she replied immediately “I am on a hiking trip with friends which was planned suddenly. Sorry love I am not able to pick you up today. Please wait for me at Sameer’s place. I shall be with you by noon.” Sameer was a common friend and I used to put up in his place whenever I was in Bangalore.

So I picked up my stuff and hailed a cab. I reached Sameers place in about 40 mins and had Tea. I spent time chatting with him and messaging my girlfriend. She sent me a few selfies of her while on the hiking trip and she and her friends had actually hit the dirt. All clothes muddied and oily faces with dirt all over their body. I wondered how she was able doing all this. I always keep myself away from dirt for the fear of Acne and black heads.

She came sharp by noon for Lunch and Sameer had cooked an excellent meal for the three of us. After Lunch we went out for a movie and cuddled up close in the theatre to watch the movie. What pleasantly surprised me was that she had a glowing skin, no signs of the oily tanned face anywhere and a clean skin. I actually admired her and made it a point to ask her over in the coffee shop post the movie. I reached close to her ears and whispered in a very romantic way, enough to make her blush “Sweetheart, how do you manage to keep your skin acne free in spite of your running around today in the open sun? What’s your secret?”

She looked in my eyes and I saw only love. She smiled and let the secret out. “I use Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash which helps me in deep cleansing, removing acne, blemishes and dark spots. It clears away dirt, grime and pollutants.  It has powerful and natural anti- bacterial ingredients which are suitable for all skin types so I am not worried about any harm to my skin”.

I could not help but keep looking in her eyes and admire her skin. Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash had really taken care of her skin very well. She was looking more beautiful than ever and I fell in love once again..

Uttpal K

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18 thoughts on “Love bloomed all over again..”

  1. Haha! Nicely written. It actually seemed like an advertisement in the end. :-P
    And I’m sorry to mention this but weren’t we supposed to write on the “problems we face when we have acnes and pimples”?

    1. Simran, It’s an advertisement in the end of course as no company will want to spend money and get nothing in return, so a little bit of brand building is necessary.
      We are supposed to write problems, but in a 450 word post we have to take a call and glamorize the use and benefits more than the problems else the product is not advertised. If the stake would be higher and if Garnier makes a 1500 words compulsion, then we can write a neat and elaborate blog with the problems faced and the solution we got after using the product.
      Hope I answered your query. :)

  2. Yes, you did.
    Check out my blog post too. :)

  3. That’s a nice story…I think Garnier will like the beautiful ending and indeed it can be transformed into a nice ad. :-)

    Best of luck…

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