Malshej Ghat - A beautiful place to chill out

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Situated in Pune, near the borders of Ahmednagar and Thane Districts, it is 130 kms approx from Pune and 150kms approx from mumbai. It is a picnickers point and especially in rainy season you can see 100’s of small groups over weekend enjoying there..A glimpse…

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10 thoughts on “Malshej Ghat - A beautiful place to chill out”

  1. Malshej Ghat is awesome in all seasons, especially now, in the winters, with its weather and all the birds that you can see… check out Malshej Ghat at my site too…

  2. Been there. No doubts about the natural beauty. It only hurts and is annoying to see manner-less drunk people causing nuisance over there. They litter, they shout, break their spirit bottles, act cheap and make the spot black listed for decent family visitors.

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