My Himalayan Dream


My Himalayan dream starts on a sunny afternoon with me in a SUV speeding on a straight road moving slightly upwards splitting a mountain with flat, dead greenery slowly getting covered with snow and as I move upwards towards the mountain split, the greenery dies down and all I see is snow on both sides of the road. My SUV speeds up and reaches the mountain split where I take a minute halt to see the breathtaking sight further. What I see is only snow. Snow covered roads, snow covered mountains, snow covered houses and snow covered trees.

I drive down through the snow and reach a large house covered in snow with an even larger courtyard. I am greeted by just the one caretaker who takes away my luggage and helps me park my SUV and covers it with sheets. He quickly makes a place for me in the snow and arranges a small campfire. It’s already past sunset and I feel the pain in my legs after the whole days driving. He has arranged fresh meat which he puts on slow roast, rustic style. He has also arranged some liquor for me which I eagerly take and thank him. I sit near the fire and free myself from my shoes and sip on my drink enjoying the climate. Once the meat is ready, it’s served hot and out of the fire immediately. The caretaker arranges food for me and I have a quick dinner and cover myself under 4 sheets to keep myself warm and go off to sleep.

He is promptly there early morning with a kettle of hot piping tea and a cup. He keeps that on the table and leaves. I open my eyes slowly and get up feeling the cool breeze. I pour some tea in my cup and casually stroll near the window and the scenery outside leaves me stone still.  My house apparently is at a height and I can see the entire beautiful valley covered in snow right from my window. The view is mesmerizing and I sip on my cups of tea for a long time. I get ready over the next one hour to move on to my next adventure. This is a trek in the Himalayas with the help of my other trek friends at GIO Adventures: India’s Premier Adventure & Outdoors Travel Specialists since 1999.

Uttpal K

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2 thoughts on “My Himalayan Dream”

  1. Nice pic there and where are the valley pics? Sure you had a good time. I have nominated you for the Versatile Award, please see your nomination here

    1. Thank you Shweta, you are a sweetheart.. :)
      the post was written on my imagination of an adventure, so no valley pics..The entry was for a contest..

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