Relocating to Bangalore

The dreaded word haunted me for a couple of weeks now and I knew I could not avoid it however I feared it. My transfer orders had come in and I was getting a great increment in salary and a higher stature in the company so it was cemented that I would have to relocate to Bangalore, a place where I had been a few times but never thought about it to be a permanent home. I had my own reasons for it. A different culture, different city, different dialect and different people always scared me. I am happy making my own small circle and staying in it.

The company had provided me with the financial arm, but had not helped me beyond it. So it was left to me to start from scratch, right from finding a house to putting a needle in it. I sat down and prayed, literally. Suddenly I saw the “No fikar, bech Quikr” Ad on TV and my frown turned into a smile. I knew what I had to do and immediately switched on my PC. I started with finding a house suiting my needs. In a few moments I had over 20 options. I made a note of the same and moved ahead. Next it was the furniture, which too was taken care in no time as there were almost 20+ options fulfilling my need. I moved over to the Kitchen appliances section and there too got what I needed in no time. My happiness knew no bounds. Since my need for the furniture and kitchen appliances was of New items, the total cost package went over my budget. I was wondering what to do about the excess money needed when Quikr again came to my help.

I made a list of the items in Mumbai, which I wanted to sell off and posted a Free Ad on Quikr for sale. I was surprised with the number of calls I received the next day. I fixed up appointments accordingly as it was a long weekend. I not only managed to meet the would be buyers, but in 2 days actually sold off all what I wanted to sell easily with much more cash than I had expected to get from the used furniture and appliances otherwise. By the end of it, I had a fat Wad of currency in my hand.

I had to carry the minimal stuff which I had retained with me on the flight and kept the suitcases in the office for a day. I landed up at the venue which was prefixed and took possession of the apartment after doing the necessary paperwork. I made friends in the process and got some good warm food in the afternoon from them. With rejuvenated energy, I bought the other things on my shortlisted list from Quikr and my new house was looking perfect with the complete furniture and appliances. I had a whole week to set up the furniture and the appliances as per my need and at the end of it looked a relaxed man to my colleagues who came over for a drink and to have a look at my new house.

I narrated to them my experience of relocating to Bangalore with the help of a reliable friend called Quikr.

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  1. Bangalore is an awesome place to move to. My move to Bangalore was smooth, I got used to the city pretty quickly and the people around me were so warm and helpful! Hope it is the same with you. Best Wishes!

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