Sar utha ke jiyo

It was raining heavily and I was in a rush to reach home. I was speeding on my Scooty not realizing the danger of slipping on the wet roads. As luck would have had it, or rather my bad luck, I slipped from the main road near a turning and rolled over with the Scooty and fell in a trench. Not only was my knee cap cracked, my entire back was in terrible pain and I lay there semi conscious for a while. Since it was raining heavily, there was not much traffic on the road and some people notice me only in the wee hours of the morning and called up the police and the ambulance. I was rushed to the hospital and was immediately put on treatment.

I was operated and was in hospital for about a month. After discharge from the hospital I was in plaster for another 3 months and yet another 4 months after it were required for me to get fully well. I was lucky enough to have my family and friends to support me in this difficult time mentally , emotionally and financially too. There were multiple surgeries performed on me, especially my face to restore my original self and less were spent on it. Had it not been for my family and friends, it would not have been possible for me to take these huge costs all by myself.   Once I was well and on my feet, I organized a small get-together for in order to thank them for the care they had shown and the rock solid support which they had given me in my difficult time.

I made them all comfortable and served them the best food I could get. I personally thanked all with small mementos and thanked God for giving me such strong family and well-wishers. After Dinner was over, most of my friends and relatives left and only few closest ones stayed back. Once we were at ease sipping some wine post lunch, my best friend Anil who has a stock market broker by profession come and sat next to me. He told me that they all had chipped in some money when I was short of cash during my treatment and assured that they all were there whenever we needed help. Then he slowly explained to me that such situations could happen anytime again and to anyone and one should be prepared for it. I understood what he meant and began thinking. Had it not been for my friends I would have been in deep trouble for my treatment and obviously friends would not come in every time I met with such a situation. Anil then told me in details how he had got himself covered with HDFC Life to explain to me the available financial solutions and the various savings & Investment plans, health plans, retirement plans and Protection plans. He promised to reach me within 24 hours with the necessary documents and I took my first step towards being a self-reliant person.

This post has been written for a new Happy Hour on INDIBLOGGER for us, courtesy HDFC Life Insurance

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2 thoughts on “Sar utha ke jiyo”

  1. Friends help us get back on our feet, always. In your case, they actually did. It’s great to have such lovely friends.

    Here’s my entry for the HH :)

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