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Who else would be in a better position than me to write about this topic? It was about 5 years back on a rainy evening when me and my wife sat in the balcony of our rented apartment enjoying hot piping Tea and some fritters. The discussion was generic and eventually it shifted to the fun we were having in the rains due to large spacious Balcony. We had bought a small 1BHK some 8 years back and was rented already. The 1BHK was an investment we had made at a young age and we had managed to foreclose the Loan on it too. Somehow we never felt like shifting there maybe because we were used to living in a larger house. The flat in which we were staying was about 1200 square feet and was neat enough for accommodating a large family like mine (We had over 20 fishes and 16 birds then). Our discussion slowly moved on to the new constructions happening in our area and we unintentionally we shortlisted a few projects as favorites.
While sipping Tea I noticed how enthusiastically my wife was talking about the new constructions happening and a hope of having a bigger house. I was getting ready for something which maybe every person would not dare. The very next day I set up meetings with a few brokers in the area near my 1BHK and checked the rates going on. I told them that I was putting up the flat for sale and they assured me that within one month the deal could be closed if I wished to. I gave them a nod and immediately drove down to the few shortlisted projects of the day before. I checked the rates and the flats and actually zeroed down upon two of them.
Since all decisions in the household are jointly taken by us, I discussed it with my wife over dinner the next day and could see how happy she was with the thought of buying a new house. At the same time I could see the worry on her face for taking a bigger risk at this point in time of our life. I held her hand and kissed her with the reassurance that all would be well. Like she always promised to stand by me in thick and thin and has always been my pillar of strength. Over the next fortnight I sold the 1 BHK which I had and booked a spacious 1300 sq feet 2 BHK with a large Balcony in a high rise. The cost of the flat was more than double of what I had got through selling my old flat and I knew I had to slog hard to get the loan off over the next few years. We completed all formalities and got possession of the new flat. Over the next Four years we were able to clear off all the loans on the flat. Finally a year back, we could #start a new life.

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