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Simple Garlic Pepper Chicken/Paneer - Uttpal’s Kitchen







This recipe can be made both with chicken and Paneer. I will jot this down with chicken, the strictly vegetarians can replace the chicken with Paneer.

Cut the Chicken in approx 1 inch cube size. …


Mint Chicken

Making the right Mint chicken is always a challenge due to the mint factor. Little extra mint could make the chicken taste bitter and little less could defeat the purpose of the whole idea of making Mint chicken. I have …


Chicken Keema Patties

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Whenever we have party, get-together or celebrations, we always look forward to the starters. I have observed that the starters decide the opinion of your guests about your food which follows in the form of Lunch or Dinner. So always …


Simple Cabbage (Pattta Gobi ki Sabzi)

We will see a simple Cabbage (patta Gobi) today which can be made quickly, is good for health and has lot of fibers which help check the fat intake in the body and tastes absolutely fantastic to bland as well