The power of being #together

It was last December that my wife and son had to fly out Chennai to attend a close relatives Wedding. Since they are close relatives my wife and son had to be there for 5 days in total. They were pretty happy for a pleasant vibrant and festive change and so was I for them. The only worry was Bruno- our Pet Pug. Since I had to be out the whole day for work sometimes even for 14-15 hours, it would be difficult for poor Bruno to stay alone at home without any care. I was in a dilemma for a while and soon I made up my mind. I did not tell anyone what I had planned. I myself wanted to see how it felt while doing this stupid act.

I mailed office and took a 5 days leave straight away, only for Bruno. I saw my wife and son off and returned back home. Bruno had seen them pack the bags and leave so the worry was seen on his face the moment I opened the door. He had presumed that I too had gone for work and he was all alone. The moment he saw me, his joy knew no bounds and he wagged his tail for a very long time and showered me with his licks and pushes. I too got down on my knees and played with him for a while. I made nice meal for him and cooked some food for me too. I noticed that all the while Bruno was at the kitchen entrance (he never steps in the kitchen). He never does that and is generally sitting comfortably at his place in the balcony or under the study table, but as they say that dogs have a sixth sense, maybe he had seen and sensed that two members have gone for a while and he did not want the third member to go away again. The whole day he followed me practically in each room and kept a watchful eye on me. I went down to buy some bread and eggs in the evening and returned in just 10 minutes, but the way he pounced on me and licked me, it was apparent that he was scared and feared that I would leave him too for a longer duration.

That night he cuddled up close to me in my bed and did not sleep a wink. Even when I turned sides I could feel him getting up and looking at me. I knew that I had to build a trust factor between him and me. Over the next 4 days I gave him undivided attention and made sure that his insecurity was gone. He in return gave all his love to me and became more attached to me. When my wife and son returned, he pounced on them lovingly and showed his love no doubt, but since then I have noticed that he give more attention and love to me and demands more from me too. Maybe we have developed a bond which only death can break, either his or mine….

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10 thoughts on “The power of being #together”

    1. Yes Farooq, 5 days leave is nothing. Watch the movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009) if you get time. You will fall in love with this best friend of man.

  1. its really cute… :)

    You know, we also had a pet once whom I named broono (guess both are pronounced similar)… I noticed it from som colgate advertisement - Who is the strongest? and a girl names her pet - Broono

  2. Its seriously a big thing to take 5 days leave and spend time with your dog :) Your post says it all, your love for him and the time you two enjoyed.

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